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Thursday, December 18, 2014

100 days of Christmas - Day 70 - Have a less stressed Christmas!

I see a lot of controversy about Santa and Christmas in general. While I do not agree with some of these viewpoints (I will be writing a post about this soon), one thing I do agree with is that Christmas has become very commercialized and for many can be stressful. 

I have tried to start focusing on the fun and magic of the spirit instead of gifts. Honestly I think as parents we bring a lot of the stress on ourselves. The kids are generally pleased with whatever is under the tree. I am aware they want everything on every commercial. Guess what? They generally don't remember everything they have asked for. 

One great way to battle the stress is to start planning for next Christmas on Dec. 26th! LOL! ;) Lots of stuff will be on clearance that week as far as decorations and so on.  I found these posts to encourage you and help you be a little more stress free this Christmas. I enjoyed them. 

So what are your best tips for a less stressed Christmas???

100 days of Christmas - Day 69 - Throw a Grinch Party!

This post contains affiliate links. Should you decide to purchase through them I may be compensated. I appreciate your support. 

Watching movies and reading books has always been a huge part of Christmas for our family. The Grinch who stole Christmas was one of my favorites as a kid and I am happy to say that my family know shares my love for the Grinch who stole Christmas. I love that it has the theme of loving the most unlovable and how it can affect their lives if you do. Ofcourse I am a huge Dr. Suess fan anyway. :) So I have wanted to throw a big Grinch party ever since I had kids. So here are some great inspiration posts for a Grinch party! 

Party Favors tray Use papers that are red and green and add some treats to match the Grinch.

Don't forget you need the book or movie or both at your party! Get yours below:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Classic Seuss)

So who wants to come to my Grinch party???

100 days of Christmas - day 68 - DIY Christmas Ornaments round up

We love Christmas ornaments! Each year we get atleast one new ornament. The kids particularly like when they get to help make the ornaments. SO we have started trying to include making Christmas ornaments as one of our Family Christmas Advent Activities. I am only mildly creative (outside of photography) and have to go looking for inspiration. here are some posts that I found very inspiring and wanted to share with you!

( I am wondering how good this will make the house smell!)

I hope that you will enjoy making some of these keepsakes to put on your tree! I know they will be priceless treasures as the kids get older!
Wednesday, December 17, 2014

100 days of Christmas - day 67 - One of our favorite traditions! Elf yourself!

If you have not already happened upon this website on your own then you are so missing out! This is one of our favorite things to do every year!!! The kids laugh and giggle at this
tradition more than any other one that we have. It is just pure fun! This fun little tradition has stayed on our Family Advent activity list year after year and will continue too. They only allow for up to 5 elves so you get to see one of my Hubby and the 4 minions, one of myself and the 4 minions, just me and my hubby, and 1 of just the minions. :) Enjoy!





You can elf yourself and your familiy at www.elfyourself.com .  You can share it for free or download it to keep forever for $1.99 ! They also just came out with an app for your smart phones and tablets too! How exciting!!! I know my kids are going to get hours of entertainment out of it. Oh, and you can even elf your friends on facebook! So get out there and spread some Christmas cheer!!!

Story time with the kids! Abigail and the Sahara Adventure review

This post contains affiliate links. Should you decide to purchase through this link I may be compensated. I appreciate your support. 

This little book was quite cute. All 4 of my kids enjoyed it. Ofcourse they are all huge bike enthusiasts! LOL! I can just see them outside pretending to go on magical adventures just like Abigail now! I love that this book had a theme of friendship while also touching on the issue of water purity. Abigail is very savvy and attentive to know where to look for water and to lead her new friends there. It also opens the door for discussions and research on the Sahara. It is a very simple book. It is a great bedtime story as it is a quick read. However it is simple enough that it could be used as an early reader to be read alone. It gets an A from our family!
It is an unbelievable deal at only 99 cents! Get yours here: 

100 days of Christmas - day 66 - Creative & affordable gift ideas

It never fails come this time of year that there are a few more people on the Christmas list than we have budgeted or planned for. Maybe a last minute guest was added to the list. Here are some creative, affordable, and thoughtful gifts that do not take much time to put together! SCORE!

DIY Stud ear-rings ( I think my girls would enjoy doing this!)

Life of Jesus Bracelet (Another one that I think my girls would love!)

Photo coming soon!

I would love to hear what your favorite handmade gift is! So tell me all about the favorite handmade gift you have gotten or that you have given, please..... :) 

100 days of Christmas - day 65 - Christmas decor ideas roundup

This year I am behind, like a lot behind! I had big plans for our decor this year. I was going to decorate in a winter wonderland theme for my sweet little monster Zane. He just doesn't think it is Christmas without snow. He has had snow every Christmas until we moved to GA this past year. So here it is the week before Christmas and well......my house is only marginally decorated. We passed Strep throat around most of November and then started trying to catch up on housework which is also still not 100% done. However, I found a few decorating ideas that make a big impact but are fairly simple to put together. So if you are like me and need to get things decorated fast here are some fantastic ideas for you!!!

Washi Tape Picture Frame  I am thinking of doing this with blue and silver for my Snow inspired printable.

Straw & Stir stick Christmas Wreath (This one reminds me of Dr. Suess & The Grinch who stole Christmas! )

Now don't all rush off to the craft store at once! ;) Be sure to leave some stuff for me! See you next time!