Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wild Adventures Theme Park - Georgia Vacation coupon

Have you heard of Wild Adventures??? It is a theme park in Valdosta, GA. They have a little bit of everything! There are rides of all kinds, kids rides, family rides, water rides, and ofcourse the ever popular thrill rides (that I avoid like the plague! LOL!) . Right now I would be the most excited about the water rides in our lovely HOT  Er.... I mean warm weather. I mean really our weather is one of the nice things about GA. It is summer most of the year! LOL!

As if the rides alone wouldn't be enough to draw you in, they also have live entertainment. I want to be on their Family Frenzy Game show!! They also have daring athletes that will amaze you! Currently they are acrobatic pogo sticks! Hey just being able to use one of those in any form or fashion amazes me! I probably couldn't bounce more than twice! I am sure that their animal show is nothing short of stunning! Then again I am a huge fan of animals and animal shows anyway. Pets Overboard is a popular one. I hope my kiddos don't come home expecting our dogs to do these tricks! LOL!  Another current animal show is Tigers of India. They are stunning creatures aren't they?

In case you are wondering how I am so sure that their animal shows are stunning, it is because they also have animal attractions. This is the largest draw for me! They have a butterfly garden, a birdhouse, mammals, and ofcourse reptiles (yikes!!!). This is probably where I would spend most of my time! I just love animals. While this would probably be my favorite part of the park, I love the idea of all of the different attractions together! There is really something for everyone in the family!

I have tried to plan a trip there atleast a dozen times. I tried to plan a trip with my best friend and her family, another family that we were good friends with, my extended family, and just for my family of 6. Every single time something came up. You know Life happens. So when they contacted me and wanted me to share a deal with you all I was over the moon excited!!!! So here is a great discount for you cause I know you are going to want to go!!! My Readers Save $10 Off Admission to Wild Adventures Theme Park with this COUPON! 

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bible Scripture memorization and a giveaway! #armedwithtruth

So I didn't sleep well last night. My husband had to leave the house earlier than normal. All 4 kids seem to be calling my name, need help with something, or fighting! I feel like if I hear one more toy being crashed into another or thrown up against a wall that I just might crack! 

We all have those days don't we? During our move I had more of those days then I care to admit. I caught myself yelling at my kids on more than one occasion. Midway through our move I received a package from . I loved that when I started to get upset that I could look down at my arm and have a reminder. As a busy Mom of 4 I have to rely on God all day everyday. Some days more than others! I have been wanting to work more on scripture memorization for some time now. I tried the verse a day Bible apps and while they were fantastic for daily inspiration, it didn't do much for actual memorization. This temporary tattoo would catch my eye several times throughout the day even when I wasn't using it as a reminder to pray for peace! It was very helpful! Taking a few moments throughout the day was more effective for me than trying to sit down and memorize scripture for a set amount of time.

I was curious to see how it held up to my very active (at the moment anyway) lifestyle. I hand wash my dishes as you might remember.   I have to admit that I have been particularly sweaty lately carrying boxes in and out, putting up a pool, cleaning up the yard, chasing a Rooster out of my car, and sometimes just playing outside with the kiddos! I do live in GA after all. It even held up to that. It also went through a few showers just fine. It will definitely hold up for 3 or 4 days. If you are careful it may even last longer! 

They even have designs and you can make custom sets. I can see these being great as gifts from churches or for teen youth groups. I also think that you would probably get comments on them when you are out and about and could use them to witness to people. I am more of a homebody to be honest. I didn't go much of anywhere during the time I was wearing mine. I had way to much work to do around the house with the move. I see a lot of potential and great uses for these temporary tattoos! They are affordably priced at $9.95. My only complaint is that they are NIV. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. I am just more of a KJV gal myself. I contacted them to see if there was any possibility of them making sets in KJV. They said at this time they do not plan to make them in KJV but I could order a custom set. I asked them what it would take for them to make them in KJV cause I am sure there are some old school folks like me out there. They said they would need to feel confident they could sell atleast 250 packages of them. So if you are old fashioned like me then please take a minute to email to let them know that you would like to buy some in KJV! You can also contact them on facebook or twitter.  Otherwise if you would like to try these out for yourself and are good with the NIV version enter the giveaway below! There will be 3 winners and each winner will receive 3 temporary scripture tattoos. Best of luck to you! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thrive review & giveaway to help you battle that low energy issue! Ends 8-17-2014

The three days that I chose to test out Thrive couldn't have been better! I have an auto-immune disease that effects my energy level among other things. I love to take care of others but to be honest, it is exhausting for me. My sister had a major back surgery a few months ago. She is single with no children. So we have been helping her out a lot. The first day I took Thrive she had an outpatient surgery that I had to take her to. Then she had to be monitored for 24 hrs. I helped with house work and so on. I really didn't think much of it because I was so busy. At the end of the day when I finally got to sit down I realized that I was not nearly as sore and tired as I normally am. Then I remembered I had taken the Thrive! Then the 3rd day I had an all day vendor event for Lilla Rose . Again I had enough energy to make it through the event with some left over. The process itself was fairly simple. You take the pills with water before getting out of bed. Then 20-40 minutes later you drink your shake. The last thing you do is put the patch on. Everything is done in the morning. You may remember that I am not good at remembering to take pills. This system was very easy to remember! The part that concerned me the most was the shakes. I have tried other shakes in the past and never really liked them much. When I made the first shake it looked a little chalky. While they were very thick, they didn't taste chalky. I was very pleased with the taste! It tasted like Peanut Butter & Chocolate!!! Can't beat that! I did have a reader tell me that her brother-in-law tried Thrive and it made him shaky because of the caffeine. I didn't have this side effect. However, I do suggest if you are caffeine sensitive to start slow. I am not caffeine sensitive at all. I use to have a Dr. Pepper addiction! I still battle with it sometimes! LOL! They have different customized sets for Men, Women, and specific needs.
My consultant Jennifer has been amazing! She messaged me periodically to check in and to see if I had any questions. She has also been incredibly understanding about me moving and the internet fiasco! She has also been kind enough to offer a giveaway for my readers!!!! So one lucky reader will get to try out Thrive for 3 days FREE!!!! Let me just tell you that I know you will be amazed!!! For anyone who is interested in Thrive be sure to contact Jennifer for more information. She is super helpful! And best of luck to you all!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Canvas Print Giveaway!!!! - ends 8-1-14

I am very happy with my Canvas HQ print. I have been meaning to print our family photo's from last year for some time now and just hadn't gotten around to it. Life has been very busy! I was very surprised at how user friendly their website was. After I finished the process they also emailed me a proof to be sure that it was exactly what I wanted before it went to print. Their shipping was very speedy. They were very careful to package the print carefully as well. The quality of the print itself was fantastic! 

I love the thickness of it. The stretching is perfect as well! Not to much tension or to little. I went with the mirror look for the stretch. I think it gives the print a cohesive feel. However you can choose a black or white for the edging frame. 

They use a very high quality wood unlike some other companies. There was already a spot on our wall for this print. However, they do send a kit with the hanging hardware in case you need it. 

My overall experience with Canvas HQ was far above my expectations! I will definitely be using them again! I have more prints from this session that I need printed. It's almost time for this years family session too!!! I am so excited to be able to offer one of my lucky readers a high quality 11x14 print from Canvas HQ ! You can use  it for Family portraits, vacation portraits, or even your favorite nature portrait! Anything at all that you would like really. Best of luck to you!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Drink Duets- Great for Parties or just everyday!

Drink Duets is one of those "Why Didn't I think of that" inventions! I have come to find that those are generally the most practical items. They are the ones I ultimately use the most. Being a Mom of 4 I have often found myself checking drinks to try to figure out which one belongs to who. Worse yet most of the times that I am trying to figure out which drink belongs to who I can not and they end up going down the drain. It is truly wasteful and it really bugs me! Drink Duets to the rescue!!!!

Now I can store their drinks in the fridge and not have to worry about moving them for fear no-one will be able to tell which one belongs to them if it is not in the exact location they left it! I love it! Not to mention there is a fun factor. You could use these as an activity at a kids party. Just get some colored sharpies and stickers and let the little party guests decorate until their hearts content!

(Don't mind the slightly swollen, black eye. His older brother may or may not have punched him. :/ )

I have to admit that so far I have only used these in the most practical way. I had planned to have a big 
 Bar-B-que once we got all settled into the new place. I planned on using these then. However, life has been busy, busy and we have not been able to get it together just yet. I do believe that this would be fantastic at any party for kids or adults. 

You could use them to mark each person's place setting at the table. You could decorate them to match your theme also. They are incredibly versatile!

They also sent me the wine glass/ champagne glass version. I haven't used this one yet but it is super cute!

The price point on these is very good as well! For $4.50 you get 12 tags! They have also been kind enough to offer all of my readers an additional pack with each purchase! Just use code MCL.
You can get yours at

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.