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Quotography Monday - The Past!

Now on to the Quotography Monday. 

So what is Quotography??? It is very simple really. You just find a quote that you love and head out to photograph something that represents that quote to you. You can totally do it in reverse as well though! Just choose your favorite photo of the week and then find a quote that represents that photo. 

So now for the rules:

1. Would prefer it be of a photo that you took in that week but it's not required. 

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Quotography Monday


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Our trip to Lane's Peach Packing / Lane's Southern Orchards

First I want to warn you, there are a lot of photo's! LOL! So be sure to keep scrolling so that you see it all. This is also part 1 of a 4 (possibly 5 ) part series! There are just so many things to tell you about Lane's that I just can't fit it all into one post! So here are the basics! LOL! ;) 

When you first pull up to Lane's it doesn't really look like much. It just appears to be a storage building in the middle of a large field. Let me just tell you that once you actually get into the parking lot it is apparent that it is much more than it appears at first! My kids immediately noticed the playground but we headed inside first to get our tickets for the corn maize and hay ride. Inside they had some amazing food items that were available to purchase. I love that they even had a 'tasting" area. 

I can not wait to cook with this Vidalia Onion Peach Grilling Sauce!!! It was beyond yummy!! We timed things just perfectly! When we came outside the hayride had just pulled up to let people off. So we were able to get straight on.

Our driver was fantastic! He helped you on and off the hayride by offering his hand to balance you. In addition to that he had that genuine southern hospitality that I love so much!

My kids loved seeing all the pecan trees, field, lake and all the animals! 

The ducks were by far the favorites! We also got to see lots of other birds, squirrels, and so on. We are animal lovers , what can I say? We even got to see a low flying airplane fly right over us on our hayride!

At one point during our visit we even got to watch some parasailers! Now I can't guarantee you this same experience if you visit lane's but there is a pretty good chance since their hangar and landing strip are literally right across the street from Lane's. After our hayride we let the kids play on the playground. 

The Merry go round was very popular! However they also had swings and some climb on rocking toys. My boys favorite things were the old tractors that you could sit on. 

I love that they are also somewhat educational! They each had signs in front of them with the date / time period that they were from and some information about them. The boys enjoyed reading them with me. 

After that we had lunch. On this particular trip we brought our own lunch. You can see from my pictures that there are plenty of picnic tables, both covered and uncovered. Part 2 of this series is about how we pack a lunch for our family for an all day trip like this! So stay tuned! After lunch our kids got to do quite possibly their very favorite thing on the whole trip! 

This gave us another chance to talk about history and learn a little something. We explained these old water pumps were how people a long time ago had to use to get all the water for their family. We told them that we understand the duck races were fun but to just imagine how much work it would be to do it every day for all of your water, even your bath. They all agreed that would be a lot of work. Even Daddy enjoyed the duck races!

From there we made our way over to the Corn maze. We walked by all of the beautiful rows of fruit that you can pick when it is in season! So while we didn't participate in that on this particular day it is an option and we will most likely take advantage of that in the future. On the way to the Corn maze something else caught our attention.

It was pretty fun to watch them shoot corn at that target way out in the middle of the pond! This could be turned into a science lesson if you had the time to do a bit of research beforehand or if you are just knowledgeable about that sort of thing to begin with. I didn't realize that they had this so I didn't plan ahead for it. Then we finally made our way to the corn maze. 

In addition to the fun of a normal corn maze they have "cornundrum's" that you are suppose to find. We had so much fun with this! There are 1 or 2 that are pretty hard and even Dad and I had to take several minutes to figure them out. 

When you enter the corn maze you get a flag and a map. We didn't see the maps so we went through without one. The flag is to be used if you get too lost. You can just wave it above the corn and someone will come and find you. 

They also have options for the more high tech option. These signs are through out the maze. So you just find one and text the number to get the directions for where you are. 

But be sure you follow all the rules while you are in the corn maze! You don't want to end up here!

Now by this time we were HOT! I mean it is GA after all. We don't have a true fall. I think it was close to 80 the day we went. So we headed in to get some ice cream!

At this point the air conditioning felt like pure heaven! However if it is a nice day and you prefer to sit outside they do have some beautiful swings and rocking chairs right out front. 

We opted for the inside option cause as I previously stated we were HOT! LOL! That's pretty normal here in GA though. While we were waiting in line for our ice cream we saw a few things that made us decide on our next trip that we are definitely trying their restaurant!

I really wanted to try the shrimp & grits combo! I mean it just doesn't get much more southern than that! 

And this cobbler! Oh my! If I had not been on a quest for something cold this would have been on my plate! We all ordered different flavors so that we could each sample all the flavors. 

This little guy got the Peach Ice cream. 

It was rich and creamy and delightfully tasteful!

This sweetie got butter pecan!

This is a picture of my vanilla. I normally do not like pecan anything. Let me just tell you that I loved the butter pecan ice cream so much that the next time we go that is what I will be ordering. It was so delicious!

This handsome boy ordered the strawberry. 

This was the only flavor that I didn't love. I am just not a fan of strawberry in general though. The flavor in this ice cream was nice and strong though. I love that you can see the flecks in the ice cream so you know it is made with natural flavoring. I highly suggest it! It sure made my kiddos happy!

On the way out we headed to the pumpkin area. 

There were signs encouraging people to pick these pretty flowers you see as well. I believe they were zinnias. I may be mistaken though.

Lane's is definitely a place where you can spend all day. We truly enjoyed our trip. It was full of variety and options! Don't forget this $2 coupon if you plan to visit! We are going back in a little over a week with our homeschool group and I can't wait to tell you about that as well!

Lane's gets two thumbs up from me so far. Stay tuned for part 2 on how I pack a lunch for my family for all day trips. Part 3 will be what we did with our pumpkins. Part 4 will be our group homeschool field trip and (depending on how much I have to say about that) the restaurant. If I have a lot to say about the field trip I will turn that into 2 posts. :) I would love to know if you plan to visit or even better if you have fond memories of this great place!

My family and I received free admission to the Corn maze & Hay ride in exchange for my opinion. All thoughts expressed are 100% my own honest thoughts. Thank you so much for reading.